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For the overwhelming majority of people, gambling is a recreational entertainment. However, for a small portion of people (estimated internationally at 5% of regular gamblers), excessive gambling may become a problem, and in some, may result in damaging compulsive addictive behavior. The National Responsible Gambling Programme (“the NRGP”) provides help to these people, so that they can regain control of their lives.

The NRGP offers its service free of charge to persons who have gambling problems or to those persons who are affected by problem gambling, such as family members.

Emnoteni Casino supports responsible gambling and further recognizes the need for the protection of minors from gambling. Emnoteni Casino, amongst other gambling establishments, contributes significantly towards the funding of the NRGP. This has made it possible for free services to be made available to persons who have gambling problems or to those who are affected by problem gambling.

An exclusion programme has been implemented at Emnoteni Casino to assist persons who may have gambling problems. The programme supplements the NRGP and it further promotes the values, objectives and purpose of the NRGP.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with a gambling problem, please contact the National Responsible Gambling Programme Tollfree Helpline 0800 006 008.

How do I know if I or someone I know has a gambling problem?

  • There are definite warning signs to look out for that could indicate problem gambling.
  • CLICK HERE to take a self-check quiz or to view the criteria considered in making such a determination.

How do I apply for exclusion on the Emnoteni Casino responsible gaming programme?

  • The Emnoteni Casino responsible gambling programme adheres to the requirements of applicable gambling legislation. It further promotes indirectly the objectives and purpose of the NRGP.
  • The above responsible gambling programme is available to the public at the casino on a 24-hr basis. Scheduled appointments are not necessary.
  • Exclusion documentation is available upon request from the casino security department. Trained security officers will assist with the processes necessary to complete the exclusion documentation before submitting the same to the provincial licensing authority.
  • Detailed brochures relating to problem gambling and the NRGP are available at the Cashdesks and Club Festival Desks in the casino.

Who can apply?

  • The person who has a gambling problem.

What happens when a person is excluded from the casino under the Emnoteni Casino responsible gaming programme?

  • The Mpumalanga Gambling Board will circulate the excluded person’s details (including his/her photograph) to all casinos within the Province.
  • The casino will take reasonable measures to identify the excluded person with the aim of preventing him/her from accessing the gambling areas or from participating in gambling. The onus, however, is still on the excluded person to refrain from gambling or from accessing the gambling areas.
  • The excluded person is removed from casino’s marketing mailing list.
  • The excluded person’s casino loyalty club card is terminated.
  • A warning flag is activated on the excluded person’s Cashdesk profile.
  • If the excluded person enters the gambling area or participates in gambling whilst he or she is under exclusion, the casino may arrest and charge him/her criminally for trespassing.
  • The excluded person cannot claim for any losses and or damages from the casino. He or she is also not entitled to any winnings. Any winnings derived from gambling whilst the person is under exclusion is forfeited and donated to a charity.
  • Excluded persons may still, however, enjoy the non-gaming areas such as the Complex, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.

What happens if the excluded person wants to take up gambling again?

  • The excluded person must attend sessions with a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor who is appointed by the National Responsible Gambling Programme.
  • The psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor may issue the excluded person with a certificate which confirms that he or she is competent to return to gambling again.
  • The excluded person must then apply to the Mpumalanga Gambling Board for an upliftment of the exclusion order in writing, provided that at least a period of six months of the exclusion has passed. The excluded person must also produce the above certificate as proof of attending the counseling sessions to the Board. The upliftment is not automatically done upon application– the Board will consider the application and the merits thereof before deciding.
  • If the Board is satisfied that the excluded person is competent to return to gambling activities in the province, the exclusion is uplifted and all casinos in the Province are notified accordingly.

The Mpumalanga Gambling Board may also be approached to apply for self-exclusion orders in respect of problem gambling. The board’s details are as follows:

Office Address:
MGB Building, First Avenue,
White River, Mpumalanga Province

Postal Address:
Private Bag x 9908, White River
Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, 1240

Tel: +27(0)13750 8000
Fax: +27 (0)13750 8099
Business Hours: 08hOO-16h30





+27 13 757 4300

Government Boulevard,
Riverside Park Ext 1,
Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
25°26'22.45'' S | 30°58'3.86'' E
Emnotweni Casino supports responsible gambling WINNERS KNOW WHEN TO STOP. TOLL FREE HELPLINE 0800 006 008, GAMBLING ONLY FOR PERSONS 18 YEARS & OLDER
Mpumalanga Gambling Board | National Gambling Board | Responsible Gambling

0861 44 77 44 | +27 11 461 9744
Corporate Office
+27 11 510 7800
Private Bag x200
Bryanston, 2021, South Africa