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There are many myths and misconceptions casino gaming. Some of these include the belief that winning or losing at a casino is not by chance, and that slot machines are pre-programmed to influence the outcome.

The fact is that Slot machine payouts are completely random. There is no way that anyone – be it a guest or a staff member from the casino, or even the machine manufacturers – can predict when a machine will pay out.

Still have some doubts? Take the mystery out of Casino gaming, click here to get the facts.

We’ve also been getting a few questions from players about the fairness of our draws. To answer these questions, watch this short, fun video that explains exactly how our draw selection process works and how draw finalists get randomly selected.

Like any game, once you know how to play, it becomes easy (except golf!) At Tsogo Sun Casinos, our Staff are always on hand to provide training on slot machines or at the tables. There are also lots of books and online manuals on the subject, which teach you how to play and explain the odds.

Slot machines operate randomly at all times – no matter how many wins or losses have occurred in its past.

The odds of another big win on the next play are exactly the same as they were before. There is also no such thing as a “Hot” or “Cold” machine.

This is simply not true. All our slot machines are subject to rigorous testing by the gaming labs, SABS and the Provincial Gambling Boards. Checks and balances and strict security measures stop the machines from being tampered with. Think about it, if we didn’t have regular winners, we wouldn’t have regular customers!

There are many factors which ensure the outcome is totally random. These include the speed at which the wheel and ball travel, the slope of the cone (centre of the wheel) and hazards that deflect the ball when hit. All of these design elements ensure this is not possible.

Our dealers are amongst the best in the world, you are guaranteed a fair deal! Cards are drawn to a strict set of rules, known by the players, and the dealer cannot deviate from this. In fact, the only thing that can affect the outcome of the game is the decisions made by the players.

In old Hollywood movies maybe! Our dice are manufactured using precise, state-of-the-art equipment and are imported from overseas by suppliers approved by the Gambling Board. They are 100% balanced and made from a transparent material so you can see inside them. We use new dice, which are checked with a micrometer at the start of each day and then destroyed at the end of each gaming day.

Dealers are paid the same rate whatever the outcome. The truth is, dealers stand to earn more if the players win, as the tips are likely to increase!

This is virtually impossible as our cards are stored and issued under very strict controls. Cards are checked daily before being used. 

Gambling is about fun and entertainment. It’s about going toe-to-toe with chance. It’s about the thrill of the game. If you’re driven by the possibility of a life-changing payout, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. The fun is in educating yourself about the odds, selecting the best bets and simply deciding how much you want to spend on having a great time!


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